The Best $8 I’ve Spent in a Long Time

I brew year round and in the NorthEast it can get pretty chilly, down right cold working in the garage through the winter.  Not to mention the water coming out of the hose is no more then 50 degrees in the winter.  I’ve spent countless time in my garage cleaning equipment as my hands have gone numb from the cold.  I must be a moron because it has taken me years to finally figure out I should get some waterproof gloves.  A quick trip to home depot, 2 pairs of gloves, and about 8 bucks has finally saved me from a winter of numb hands.

One pair of gloves was a thin pair of texture latex gloves, to give my hands a bit of insulation.  The second pair, an extra large pair of waterproof gloves.  The two of these together left me with nice dry hands and allowed me to clean 8 corney’s in a 25 deg January chill.

Sometimes it is the little things that make the difference!


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