Building and Brewing Your Own Session Beer

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3 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    I agree with you Peter…. I’m getting tired of these big hop bombs and want a session-able beer with hop flavor…
    I have been experimenting with lots of late hops and whirlpool additions and not adding a bitttering charge at all.

    I really like your idea to add a bit of aromatic to help in the the “thinness”…

    What are those gas lines hanging on your carboys? can you explain?

    • simplybeer says:

      the pale ale I did had a first wort hop and then two very late additions of citra and zythos, the american wheat also had a fwh and then very late addition of cascade and hallertauer. I like the bitterness better with the FWH then the 60 minute.

      OK, so the red hoses are to pressurize the carboy to a couple PSI to push the beer through a dip tube straight into a corney. no air contact. I hook the gas ball lock onto a coupler I build which has 2 gas posts. In other words, the gas out from my co2 hooks to the post on one end of the coupler. the other end also has a gas post which to carboy hooks to allowing the co2 to flow through and I don’t have to disassemble any to use the co2. #DIYHack

  2. simplybeer says:

    Tried the the other two beers this afternoon. The aromatic added a lot of bready characteristic to the american wheat. While it has great mouthfeel for the low abv, it tastes a bit off for the style although it does taste pretty good. I’ll have to back it off a bit and try another malt with that beer.

    The brown ale was really good, still a bit thin for style, hard to characterize it. I guess it would be an American Mild? Otherwise it is a pretty damn good beer.