DIY – Building a Hop Spider

hop-spider-finalThis is one of the easiest, high reward DIY projects you can do as a homebrewer.  For just over $25 and about 10 minutes of your time you can build a hop spider which will dramatically reduce the hop particles and other particulates in your beer.

First, a run to Home Depot or local hardware store.

  • 2 3″-5″ hose clamps – $3.70
  • nuts and washers (1/4 thread) – $2.36
  • 4×4″ PVC Cast Iton Adaptor -$12.84
  • 4 10″ 1/4 threaded rods – $3.92
  • nylon straining bag- $6.49

You can use what ever PVC pipe you want to save some money; I liked the cast iron adaptor since it created a longer funnel shape and would give me more room to attach the hop bag.


After you have the parts, drill 4 holes in the PVC pipe at the wide end so that holes are at 90 deg angles from each other and about an inch down from the top.  I laid the rods in an X over the top to get the holes even.


Attach the 4 rods with lock washers, washers, and nuts. There should be a washer and nut on the inside of the tube and a nut, lock washer, and washer on the outside.  I made sure that there was no excess threaded rod protruding into the funnel.



The hop bag will fit around the narrow end of the funnel and is secured with 2 3″-5″ hose clamps.  You probably only need one, but at a $1.85, why not have the added security of a back up.


With the bag attached he only thing left to do is brew some beer!



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