Classic ESB (extract)

Extra Special Bitters are essentially more aggressive and more balanced Bitters, both in alcohol and hop character. Color should be dark golds to copper. Low carbonation. Malts tend to be more pronounced, often toasty and fruity. Despite “bitter” being in its name, ESBs are not really all that bitter and extremely well balanced.

5 Gallon Extract – 60 min Boil

Specific Gravity: 1.041   Final Gravity: 1.011

  • 6lbs Gold LME (12.5 SRM)
  • 8oz Carmel 40L (40 SRM)
  • 2oz Chocolate Malt (350 SRM)
  • 2oz Roasted Barley (300 SRM)
  • 2oz Kent Goldings – 60min  (4.5% alpha)
  • 1.5oz Glacier – 2min (6.0% alpha)
  • .25tsp Irish Moss – 15min
  • Wyeast British Ale Yeast #1098

Estimate Alcohol by Vol: 4.21%

Bitterness: 28.8 IBU

Color: 17.4 SRM


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