Leaf Plug Pain

So tonight I transferred my Organic Wit to the secondary fermenter.  With no bubbles coming out of the airlock for the last couple days, it seemed like a good time to move the brew to the secondary fermentor.  I measured the gravity, 1.011, right about where the recipe said it should be.  When I took out the airlock to allow the bucket drain into the carboy, I was immediately hit with the aroma of coriander and orange… Things were looking good.

As I started the drain, it almost immediately slowed to a trickle.  I had forgotten that I used organic leaf plugs.  The plugs were clogging up the drain.  What a pain!!!  I sanitized some large paperclips and used that unclog the spigot…  after almost an hour (for 5 gal) I finally got the wit to the carboy.


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