Is it all about the pour

This is the very first entry for Daddy-o Beer and I want to send a message out to the world that is perfectly clear – I love beer! I’m a home brewer and I have learned to create a great drinking experience.
 I love beer the way others love a great meal. It’s about the different flavors coming together to create a unique taste. It’s the creation of each recipe and the time it takes to craft that recipe into a delicious experience.
 And at the end, it’s about the pour – that one great mouth watering pour.
 I’m a homebrewer and I love beer.


2 Responses to “Is it all about the pour”

  1. Jim Says:

    Lots of people love beer! But you’re doing something to take other beer lovers beyond Corona, Heineken, Bass, and Guiness (all of which I enjoy) to a higher level of enjoyment and involvement.

    Thanks, and good luck to Daddy-O Beer!


  2. bathrooms Says:

    This is such an interesting thoughtful post. Do you have anymore like this?

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