Interview with Greg Zaccardi of High Point Brewing Co.

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6 Responses

  1. That’s awesome! I was going to say I never have seen this stuff, then I read its draft only. Off the top, you know anywhere local that has it? I’d love to try it.

    • Simply Beer says:

      It was great beer, the only place I’ve seen it have been Andy’s Corner Bar I think it was also at The Shepherd & Knuckle Head as well as the Cloverleaf. Not sure if it is around that much being the end of October and all.

  2. Kevin M says:

    You know, I was doing some thinking… very rare though it is. And, I thought maybe we could all chip in and keep track of what beers are being served on draft at our favorite local spots. It’s hard to find certain releases since many bars and pubs stick to the macros, usual suspect imports, and regional favorite, Yuengling. I’d love to know if Brooklyn Manhattan Project is still floating around…

    • Simply Beer says:

      Kevin, according to my “sources” the Manhattan Project will be on draft at the Cloverleaf for another week or so. There is almost always a Ramstein beer on tap at Andys in Bogota and usually on at the Knucklehead in Haldon(?).

  3. Jim says:

    Crown Liquors in Wanaque carries most everything High Point makes. “T” (Crown’s owner and a total craft beer nut) is up at the brewery a lot and has a close relationship with Greg. Last weekend T had no Ocktoberfest because of the huge demand after the recent accolades.

    But if you’re interested in High Point beers or the other brands Greg brews (Ramstein, Boaks and Addis) stop by Crown and ask for T. He’ll hook you up and probably teach you something about craft beer. At least that’s what happens every time I stop by.

    • Simply Beer says:

      Big fan of Boaks beer, especially the Monster Mash. BTW the monster Mash ages very well, get a bottle and age it.

      I don’t think I’ve had any Addis before, what is there flagship brew?