Russian River’s Pliny the Elder

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9 Responses

  1. JT Neville says:

    I said it the last time you tried Pliny, either get it fresh or not at all. Newcastle isn’t the same beer more than 40 miles out of the city center, Guinness changes for the worse the farther it is brewed from Dublin and Pliny is meant to be enjoy within weeks of bottling. Try it like that and then say it isn’t worth the hype.

  2. Thank you! I think it’s good, too…but not worth the hype. I drank mine very fresh. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very drinkable and tasty.

  3. Tyler says:

    If your looking for some fresh Pliny I’d be more than happy to make a trade. Today the bottles were dated 10/08/09, and I picked up 3, very delicious. Just let me know email is

  4. It’s one of my favorite beers of all time. So incredibly well balanced, and every time I put my nose to the glass, I breathe a sigh of happiness!
    Just recently had Pliny the Younger for the first time, and was equally blown away by my first sniffs and sips as my first time with the Elder.
    Have a look at my review of them together!
    Russian River is an amazing breweries. One of my tops.

  5. lisa says:

    this beer is at its very best out of the tap! im too fortunate to have this pleasure so close to me, i highly reccomend visiting one of the many northern ca places that has this treasure on tap -YUMMMM!!!!!

  6. Melvin says:

    Agreed. This beer, like many and especially hop laden west coast IPAs must be consumed fresh as can be. If you wait, the hoppy piny citrus goodness fades. The verbiage on the bottle actually says it must be drunk fresh unlike other RR brews. I think of it like freshly squeezed orange juice (or any juice but I’ll use orange); the longer you wait, the freshness deteriorates and it begins to taste like regular bottled sugary juice instead of citrusy orangy tangy fresh juice. It’s a beautiful thing; you can’t store it, you MUST drink Pliny ASAP and hope to get a few bottles or glasses on tap with each batch RR makes. There are other great IPAs and PTE is simply an outstanding brew which sets a very high standard to which many should strive to be in their unique way.

    • Simply Beer says:

      Hi Melvin, I had the pleasure of many PTE while I was in SF last summer, including a couple at the RR Pub. It is one of now many phenomenal IIPA’s around now. One of my favorites still is Captain Lawrence IIPA. Like Pliney this beer is amazing fresh. Pliney really set the bar high for many IIPA’s.