Lost Abbey Carnevale Ale

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5 Responses

  1. I’d expect some similar carbonation with those other beers. They’ve had a problem with carbonation in the past year. Hopefully, they alleviate their issues. Despite the problems they still brew good stuff. I saw this the other day and plan on picking it up…especially now.

    • Simply Beer says:

      first beer with a brewery makes a huge impression. Good or Bad that impression tends to stick. I’m glad the beer tasted as good as it did, because that little head on a farmhouse ale was not up to snuff in my book. I have the Serpent Stout in my Fridge now. looking forward to trying that, maybe tonight.

  2. I love Saisons and this is an excellent example of the style. It’s quite possibly one of the best food pairing beer styles out there. Although this is a medal winning brew it’s not my favorite selection from Lost Abby. I find it odd yours poured with a rather flat head, the one I had was quite ‘estery’.

    • Simply Beer says:

      @cbjerrisgaard – I was shocked as well, but I really enjoyed the beer. I had the Serpent Stout the other day, also a great beer. Looking forward to some more brews from your Favorite brewery. I think Old Viscosity is next of the Lost Abbey beers I have.

  1. November 4, 2009

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