Lost Abbey Red Poppy

I apologize, I don’t recall how this beer came into my beer cave.  I know it came as part of a trade…. None-the-less, I’m surprised I still have room for more beer after the amazing showcase of Iron Brewer beer I had earlier tonight.  But, it is here and it’s time for this Lost Abbey Red Poppy to met its maker!

Not sure why, but I was just in the mood for a Flanders Red, actually any day that ends in “day” I’m in the mood for a sour beer.  Even though there is not much carbonation from the opening of the bottle through the pour,  it has a great funky, sweet – sour aroma that makes me want to dive right into  the beer to see just how sour it really is.

Wow, and that does not dissapoint. The intense sour just blasts the top of your mouth, but at the same time there is this sweet cherry oak flavor that warms the experience.  While a fairly intensely sour beer, it is easy to overlook the subtle flavors in the beer.  The sour funk and cherries make a great part of the profile.  The tartness and bitter lemon accompanied by the soft oak really round this big bold beer, even though it is only 5% abv!

I have to get several more bottles of this delicious nectar!


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3 Responses to “Lost Abbey Red Poppy”

  1. Dosbeerigos Says:

    I love that beer…..

  2. Mike - MikeLovesBeer.com Says:

    As Phil said “I love that beer.” I received a bottle for my blog’s 2nd Anniversary and shared it with some friends. Such a treat.

  3. Scott Says:

    Peter – Pretty sure I sent this to you. It was available at the brewery at the same time as Angel’s Share Grand Cru release, so I had them pick up some extras of this too. They brought it along when they came to Colorado this spring. As they tried a bottle and didn’t care much for it (too tart for them) – I got it all =)
    Goes to prove….there is no accounting for taste….

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