Bad Elf Winters Ale

Another beer I bought because I liked the label, a mean looking elf sitting next to a cask with a mug full of swill.  The bottle talked a lot about adding pounds of hops to every barrel, as a hop head I like that kind of talk on the labels.  The Bad Elf Winters Ale is considered a English India Pale Ale, which should be a fairly malty and well hopped beer.

Bad Elf Winters Ale

Bad Elf Winters Ale


Even pour was not sufficient, needed a hard pour to bring up the head.


The beer was very clear, amber color with a thin white head and a steady column of carbonation bubbles flowing up the middle of the class.


Not much in the way of any aroma, what was present was sour and bit medicinal, also had a slight earthy note.


Very creamy, thin, and malty beer, no hop presence to speak of (this was categorized as an IPA…).  A very slight fruity, lemon flavor finished the beer.


Smooth easy drinking beer, if it were lower in alcohol it would be a session beer.  Not a complex beer, mild and very little flavor.

Food Pairing:

Mild Chinese food like Vegetable Low Mien

Tasting Method: 500ml Bottle

My rating: 7.5


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