110K+OT batch #3

The thing I’m quickly learning about Cigar City with the two beers I’ve had from them, throw out all your preconceived notions and put on your driving gloves for a ride.  This time up is Cigar City’s 110k+OT, batch #3.  Batch #3 diverges from batch #1 and #2 and dives into the world of big IPA.

Gotta thank my new friend in Florida, Phil whom some of you may know as @DosBeerigos.  We recently traded some locals and homebrews (Phil makes a mean Passion fruit IPA).  Hopefully he’ll send me the recipe, Hint, Hint!  Phil sent me up what I’ve heard are some great cigar City brews, the 110K=OT will be my first Victim, MUHAHAHA!

So, here’s the low down on this beer, 10% abv Double IPA and a buck ten on the IBU front, what would you expect with those numbers? I was thing I would get this monstrous American IPA, that blasted me with some intense hops and then ripped the enamel off my teeth.  But what was the first thing I mention, throw away what you think you are going to get with these beers.  What do I get a massive malt bomb!  The malt in this beer completely engulfs you.  While the malt sucker punches your, the hops pick right up and  slaps you.  This beer is a back and for between good and… um… good’er, because the isn’t any evil, just goodness!

My only real complaint with this beer is that it poured a bit flat, I had to give it a big hard pour down the middle to get a decent head on the beer to release it’s wonderful aroma.

Here is my one word review on the beer -> Yummy!

I’m looking forward the bottle of Hunahpu’s and the Humador IPA aged on cedar!  Keep it coming Cigar City, you guys are going to start giving the Bruery and Dogfish Head a run for their money with wonderfully crafted unique beers.


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8 Responses to “110K+OT batch #3”

  1. Mike - MikeLovesBeer.com Says:

    Phil told me he sent you this one and I was waiting to see what you thought. The malt really catches you off guard but I really enjoyed it too. It’s something different from all the hop bomb DIPAs out there. Glad you enjoyed it too and hope you enjoy those other CCB goodies.

  2. Simply Beer Says:

    @Mike, I just now need to get Phil to send me his Passion Fruit IPA recipe :-) I love malty IPA’s with American Hops, probably my favorite way to have this style. I’m not a fan of the huge bitterness with out the malts. Looking forward to the cedar IPA, have you had it Mike?

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  4. beckel Says:

    Sounds delicious. I love my hops, but without a solid malt base your only getting half the prize. If only Cigar City distributed to Minnesota. Nice photos, they make me want to sip this brew even more. Cheers!

  5. Mike - MikeLovesBeer.com Says:

    I loved Phil’s Passion IPA. The tea was a little up front too much at first but it mellowed out over a couple weeks and was really nice.

    I have had the Humidor IPA and enjoyed it. It’s like nothing you’ve ever had before. Here was my review.


  6. Vanessa Says:

    The camps seem very divided down here in FL on batch #3
    Personally, I loved it. The balance was super :)

  7. Simply Beer Says:

    IN the disorganized craziness of my life, Phil did send me the Passion Fruit IPA recipe a couple weeks ago. Sorry, Phil. It’s a good beer, looking forward to making it!

  8. Jason Says:

    I was over at New Beer yesterday and saw only 3 left on the shelf – should have picked one up!

    My favorite IPA from CCB though is there mango IPA – awesome.

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