Beer Review: Victory Wild Devil

The Victory Wild Devil is a type of hybrid beer, a mix of American IPA and Belgian  Ale.  The Wild Devil is an American IPA, but uses a Brettanomyces yeast which is a “wild” yeast used in brewing lambic.

Victory Wild Devil

Victory Wild Devil


This beer is highly carbonated, be careful on the pour, the head can easly get carried away.


Thick off white head sitting on a crimson beer.  Great head retention, an inch of head stuck around for several minutes with a bit of lacing.


The aroma is a bit confusing, but strikingly pleasant.  It has a piney cotton candy aroma mixed with a subtle brown sugar, mild yeast notes.


It has a dark ale taste, bit of toffee and chocolate which quickly give way to citrus and more caramel sweetness that is rounded out by some well balanced bitterness.


This is a unique beer, not really a American IPA, but has many of the qualities.  I found it very easy to drink, great aroma and flavor made it difficult to drink this in moderation.  I kept refilling my glass from the 750 ml bottle as soon as I got half way down.

Food Pairing:

This would would go well with heavily seasoned light meat, like Pork Loin.

Dietary Info:

A sweet 6.7 % abv beer, so I would round up to 7% giving this beer about 225 cal.  Since there is no info on the Victory website, I estimated from my Calorie Calculator Chart.

Glassware: Tulip Glass

Tasting Method: 750ml Bottle

Simply Beer Rating: 94


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