MacFoochies Scottish Ale

I’m really surprised that more breweries don’t make Scottish style ales.  I usually find them to be quite complex and drinkable as such I usually will buy some if I find some.  At a recent trip to Andy Corner Bar in Bogota NJ, I found this MacFoochies Scottish Ale and so now I bring it to you.

MacFoochie's Scottish Ale


Give this beer a good hard pour if you want any type of head on the beer, but this style of beer is not known for it’s head or head retention.


Very sweet malty beer, strong caramel aroma with smokey and chocolate undertones.


The beer was dark brown with a ruby hue.  Very low head retention.


Very smooth, low carbonation, and rich.  As expected, a very low hop profile, but full of malt and caramel sweetness.


This is a beer that goes to your head @ 7% abv and with that low carbonation, it goes down nice.  I could drink this beer all night, very enjoyable.

Tasting Method: 22 oz bottle

My Rating: 9.3


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