Beer Review: Brooklyn Sorachi Ace

Another beer in Brooklyn’s ever increasing Brewmaster’s Series, this time the Sorachi Ace.  The Brewmaster Series are a seasonal or limited release styles which are only available on draft.  The last one I had was the Cuvee de Cardoz, an absolutely amazing beer which I can’t wait to have again. The Sorachi Ace is a farmhouse ale featuring the rare Japanese-developed hop Sorachi Ace.

Sorachi Ace Farmhouse Ale

Sorachi Ace Farmhouse Ale


Out of the Growler, this beer was slight hazy, straw color.  It had a big billow snow white head which left some decent lacing on the glass as the head settled.


Very interesting aroma, especially for a farmhouse ale.  The aroma which dominates is lemongrass, but there are notes of tobacco and honeydew.


The lemongrass comes through on the flavor as well, but there is also a nice dry peppery/spice finish.  Good carbonation through the mouth, even out of a 2 day old growler.  Crisp is a good way to describe this saison.

Overall Impression:

Great refreshing farmhouse ale, totally different then what you’d expect in a traditional version.  The Sorachi Ace hops really work well for this beer.  The lemongrass really gives this beer a crisp taste that borders on tart.  Well worth hunting out.

Glassware: Weizen or Tulip

Calories: a 6.5% very dry beer, would estimate 200-220 calories per 12 oz (Calorie Estimator)

Simply Beer Rating: 93

What did you this of this beer?


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3 Responses to “Beer Review: Brooklyn Sorachi Ace”

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  2. Mike - Says:

    I wish we got a better selection of Brooklyn products hear. The local distributor that carries Brooklyn only carries Lager, Brown, Pennant and the Local 1 and 2. We are missing a lot of good stuff it seems.

  3. Simply Beer Says:

    It helps to be local, I’m about 45 minutes from the Brooklyn Brewery in Jersey. My favorite bar will be having a Brooklyn event in 2 months I believe they will be serving the whole brewmasters line – Blunderbuss Old Ale, Intensified Coffee Stout (if you’ve had the coffee stout before, I can only imagine how they intensified it), Cuvee De Cardoz, and Sorachi Ace. I’m going to get more details tomorrow when I go up there.

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