Exploding Goodness!

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7 Responses

  1. I wish I would have saved some of this beer. It was just okay when I had it. I would venture to guess that the sake casks left some room for these to eventually take root. Makes sense with about a year of aging. Glad it tuned out nicely because I had some recent brews that didn’t infect so well.

  2. Stevie says:

    I had the exact same thing happen with my regular Hitachino Nest! It was also infected but tasted pretty ok.

  3. Lost says:

    I’m surprised it was that good even though it was a gusher. Imagine how good it would have been if it had been a good bottle.

    I’ve only had one Hitachino Nest brew before, and it was damn tasty. Sounds like I need to try more!


    • Simply Beer says:

      I’ve had most of their beers and find them to be either extremely good or really bad. the XH was really good “new”, the Sake barrels really give it a unique flavor. Definitely one worth looking for. Not sure where you are located, Lost, but I believe B United imports hitachino.

  4. Lost says:

    I’m in MA, but I know I’ve purchased their stuff at my local liquor store before.


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