3 months 10 beers Attempt #3 – Les Trios Mousquetaires Weizen Imperiale

My wife and I are on a quest to find her 10 beers over the next 3 months that she can enjoy! We have found very few beers that she has enjoyed. Tonight’s challenge comes from Southeastern Canada, a 10% Imperial Weizen from Les Trois Mousquetaires.

Ok this was another beer that smelled too sweet for words. It smells like this Coke gum that I hated as a kid and obviously still do. While it didn’t take me 5 minutes to drink it took me distracting myself to take a sip. Wow, that tasted like total shit. I’m not one for liquid smoke and this tasted like someone put burnt fast foot in a blender and served it to me. I guess you can say I won’t be ordering this one any time soon. Enough sweet beers…I’m starting to wonder about this experiment. NEXT!

Oh man, I knew as I poured this one it was a bust. I didn’t like the aroma, it was boozy and smelled like black jack gum. I was expecting some bigger banana flavor, but there was this big charred flavor with an odd overwhelming combination of spices. This was my first time with this beer too, I would have skipped it for sure if I had drunk it before.  With such an dismal failure, I’ll have to pullout something really nice for our next one!

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