3 Months 10 Beers #7 -> New Holland Envious (2010)

My wife and I are on a quest to find her 10 beers over the next 3 months that she can enjoy! We have found very few beers that she has enjoyed. This next beer, New Holland Envious, I choose simply because I thought it sounded interesting, a beer with pear juice, raspberries, and aged on oak.  in my book that sounds totally cool. Which will be the downfall of me in this challenge, as I pick out beer that sound cool to me and maybe not so for Dani.

Fuck no! Look, any beer that has the same flavors as childhood lipgloss is just not my thing. NEXT…

Right off the bat, a very adventurous beer. With the 2010 vintage of Envious, New Holland added a secondary fermentation with pears and then aged it on oak with raspberries. Quite a lot went into this beer, I’m really enjoying the pear on the nose and a bit of raspberry on the finish. The oak is subtle enough not to over power the fruit, but enough to give a hint of vanilla to the beer.

While I enjoyd this beer, I knew right away that Dani wasn’t going to like it, to strong of an aroma. Now, I know some of you are saying, “come on man, can’t you pick out a beer?” Well, I also want to try new beers too; most of these I haven’t had either. So, some of it is a guessing game just based on the style and label.


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One Response to “3 Months 10 Beers #7 -> New Holland Envious (2010)”

  1. Shenan Says:

    Ha- now that I have the image in my head, the name “Envious” kind of sounds like a brand of lipgloss too…

    Not sure how the raspberries would fit in, but I definitely think oak + pear go together. Is this beer any particular style (or are the fruit and oak-aging its main characterizers)?

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