Mikkeller Rauch Geek Breakfast -> Bacon beer

After Funk e(Star), I’m really looking to a redeeming beer from Mikkeller. Before Funk e(star), Mikkeller had never let me down with a beer, especially the Beer Geek Breakfast. So, when a buddy of mine said he had a couple bottles for me of Rauch Geek Breakfast (also known a s Bacon Geek Breakfast in Europe), I jumped on them.

So why did I decide to drink this beer tonight? one word, Jealousy! Why jealousy! So many of my buddies are off at GABF (Great American Beer Feast) drinking crazy beers that I need to drink along in spirit. Earlier I drank all three version of Saison du Buff (no reviews, it was just for fun). Now, this mikkeller rauch Geek Breakfast is wow’ing me with it’s fatty smoky goodness. It is just amazing. If you have ever smoked a Piece of meat, like a brisket smoked for 15 hours and the aroma it has when you pull it out, well it’s a BBQ in a bottle!

A lot of us know Mikkeller can get extreme pretty quickly, my big concern with this beer would it be tasting like a wet ashtray. Thankfully this is a wonderful balance of smoke and coffee. After a a 22oz bottle I was ready to open my other one… I’m a huge fan of this beer, bacon I’m not sure about that, but a creamy, smokey, and delicious!


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5 Responses to “Mikkeller Rauch Geek Breakfast -> Bacon beer”

  1. Shenan Says:

    Howdy- I found your blog through the CraftBeeRSS on Twitter. Sounds like a tasty beer! I quite enjoyed BrewDog’s smoked stout, Paradox Smokehead, not too long ago and this sounds like it could be right up the same alley.

  2. Simply Beer Says:

    Shenan, cool! you can also follow simplybeer on twitter. If you like those, you should also try this one (if you can find it), Flying Dog Dog Schwarz Smoked Double Lager, and Schlenkerla-Urbock.

  3. Shenan Says:

    Nice! I’m a fan of Flying Dog, but haven’t had that one yet…might have to try to seek it out now.

  4. Lee Williams Says:

    This sounds great. I still need to get my mitts on a bottle. Cheers!

  5. Pork Online Says:

    wow… i’m a big fan of all things meat, but this one scares me a little. :)

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