River Horse Double Wit

New Jersey has so few breweries, that I like to try new brews when I see them.  The River Horse Brewery is in south western NJ in Lambertville, having been there a couple of times a few years ago and enjoying the winter freeze ale, I was looking forward to another River Horse.

River Horse Double Wit

River Horse Double Wit


Be nice, this beer is highly carbonated and needs a delicate pour, but as with the style it should have a big head.


Nice straw color, big huge pillowy white head with lots of carbonation bubbles.


The beer had a strong coriander and lemon  followed with a yeast bready aroma.


A very highly carbonated which was the dominate mouth feel.  The Coriander was the initial flavor that melts into lemon then finishes very dry with a bit of hop bitterness.


The beer is refreshing and crisp.  Although I didn’t get the purpose on the double wit, for what i can tell it is just higher in alcohol, not any maltier or spicer then a regular wit.

Food Pairing:

This beer would match up well with scallops or like shellfish.

Tasting Method: 12oz bottle

My Rating: 8.8


One Response to “River Horse Double Wit”

  1. joshua ledezma Says:

    you said is not maltier or spicer then a regular wit just drink the bluemoon said by said and you will see the difference right away so dont lie. it can probably be the best wet beer i had all year and it gets a 10 in rating

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