Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast

First off, great name, “Beer Geek Breakfast”, how could you not buy a beer called that?  Somehow this beer got pushed back into the dark depths of my Beer Cellar. As I was updating my Beer Cellar list a couple days ago, I saw that I had not reviewed it since buying it over 4 months ago.  So, without further delay…

Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast

Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast


Beer poured nice, generating a huge head with a moderate pour.  Also had tons of aroma as I poured it my glass; it got me excited to drink it.


This is an inky black beer, totally opaque, no hint of any red or brown hues.  It also had a very dark brown think creamy head.  Great head retention on this beer.


Very strong coffee aroma, with many other aromas that made the nose on this beer very complex, chocolate, smokey, nutty and earthy.


The initial mouth feel on this beer is a smooth coffee wrapped in chocolate with a touch of smoke, very nice.  As the beer rolls through your mouth you a get a pleasant zing of carbonation, followed by a nice punch of hop bitterness.


This is a deep complex beer, many aromas and flavors very well balanced together.  The 7.5% abv is not noticeable and doesn’t go to your head like some other strong beers.  However, I did think this was slightly over carbonated for this style of beer.

Food Pairing:

This would go great with dark chocolate or some heavily smoked or lightly seasoned red meat.

Tasting Method: 22 oz bottle

My Rating: 94


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