Allagash Dubbel Reserve Batch #77

The Small coastal city of Portland Maine has a bunch of small breweries that produce some great beers.  One of these is Allagash Brewing Company.  I recently reviewed the Allagash Trippel, which was an excellent even superb beer, sufficed to say i have high hopes for the Dubbel Reserve.

Allagash Dubbel Reserve

Allagash Dubbel Reserve


Admittedly I poured this one a bit to hard and created a huge head, although it looked pretty in the tulip glass.


Milky white dense head is what is first noticeable this beer, but that sits on a deep mahogany ale.  This beer also has some lengthy head retention.


Very malty followed by an antiseptic/medicinal aroma, also some subtle notes of plumb and pepper.  As the beer warmed there were some strong banana notes, not what I expected.


The beer was very malty, highly carbonated which rolls through your mouth.  The middle mouth was candy like sweetness, slightly nutty, and finished with a strong dry bitterness.


A very well balanced beer for many complex flavors.  The flavors change pretty dramatically as the beer warms, making this a pretty intriguing beer.   However, i did feel it had a bit more bitterness then typical for the style, nonetheless a good beer.

Food Pairing:

This beer would go amazingly well with a grilled porterhouse or strip steak… no marinades, just salt, pepper, and some charcoal.

Tasting Method: 750ml Bottle

My Rating: 8.8


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