Beer Review: Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery Pale Ale

Since I had the Wychwood Fiddler’s Elbow English Pale Ale, I thought it would be fitting to have the Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery Pale Ale right after to get a good appreciation for the two English pale ales.

Samuel Smith Old Brewery Pale Ale

Samuel Smith Old Brewery Pale Ale


This poured a huge head, a slightly gentle pour would be prudent or you’ll end up with a 3 inch head.


Beer is a nice golden color with red hues which are really accentuated by the clarity of the beer.  Great head, good head retention, and some lacing.


More malty then anything, also a bit earthy.


A malty beer, dry with some spicy hops. A bit grainy and had a bit of caramel sweetness.


A good English Pale Ale, a bit spicier then I would have expected.  5% abv makes this a pretty easy drinking session ale, b ut it was a bit thin.

Tasting Method: 550ML Bottle

My Rating: 8.5


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