Bear Republic Big Bear Black Stout

Bear Republic Big Bear Black Stout

Bear Republic Big Bear Black Stout

I truly love big dark beers ever since I had my first Guinness and this beer is why.  Bear Republic on the whole makes good beer, their Big Bear Black Stout is an exceptional beer and at 8.1% ABV it is a big one!


Probably the only draw back of the beer, it needs a big pour to draw out the head and the aroma


Very nice, sweet nutty dense chocolate.  It really embraces you.  Being a dark cold day in Jersey I really relished in the aroma.


Black as beer gets, caramel colored head.  This had great long lasting head retention as any good stout should and very nice lacing.


This is the best part of this beer.  When I took the first sip all I thought was “Yummy!”  This beer was delicious.  Smooth, rich, sweet stout with a touch of hop bitterness.  The warmer this beer got (started at 50deg) the better it got.  I especially liked the nice finishing twang which nicely balanced out the sweet.


This beer is what all stouts should be, smooth and rich.  If you haven’t had this stout, by all means go out and get a bottle.

Tasting Method: Mug from 22oz bottle

Rating:  9.5


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