Victory Saison Ale

Victory Saison Ale

Victory Saison Ale

There is one Victory beer I particularly like which is the Hop Devil IPA.  Cool Label, good beer with tons of hops.  When I saw this in my Local beer Store, I was surprised.  I didn’t know Victory was making corked Saison style ale in a 750ml bottle, so I had to get it.


As with most Saisons, this highly carbonated beer requires a slow and delicate pour, but be sure to leave some room for the head.


Light and clear blond ale with lots of bubbles, typical for the style of beer.  A clean thick white head, which lasted the entire pint.  The last glass had a ton of sediment; so if you don’t like the sediment, leave a bit at the bottom.


This Saison was a bready sweet citrus aroma with a mild hop presence.


A nice light crisp lemony citrus sweet beer.  The lemony sweet was nicely balanced with mild hop bitterness and a good long lasting finish.


Nice refreshing beer, crisp, full of flavor.  Take a small sip and let the beer roll around in your mouth, this beer has such nice flavors.

Tasting Method: 750 ml Corked Bottle

My Rating: 9.3


One Response to “Victory Saison Ale”

  1. Bill Says:

    Thanks for the nice review. We often talk of lemon and pepper in the flavor of this one. Quite spicy and refreshing with its 4 European hops.
    You do mean HopDevil Ale, not Hop Head, right?

    Moderator: Yes, Hop devil. I corrected the review.

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