Brooklyn Local 1

Brooklyn local 1

Brooklyn local 1

Brooklyn Local 1 is a Belgium style Strong Pale Ale brewed by Brooklyn Brewery in Brooklyn NY. With an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) of 9% it is a definitely a strong beer. This corked bottle was interesting, it had two ring formed into the bottle, guess part of my $9 for this beer went to making the bottle…


This beer requires a very delicate pour, with a massive head and tons of carbonation it can quickly overtake your glass.


As you can see in the picture, it is a beautiful golden color with a nice frothy white head. One thing I love with many Belgium style beers is the carbonation and watching the twisting torrent of gas bubble rising to the top.


After pouring this Pale Ale, I let my nose rest a couple centimeters above the rim of the glass. The aroma was very sugary sweet and malty. But, you could also get a tingle of hops and a slight sense of orange.


After the pour, checking out the appearance and aroma, I was pretty excited about this beer. My initial reaction to the beer was sweet and yeasty, pretty much what I was expecting from the dominant aromas. I really could taste any hops, although every once and awhile I did get a hint of bitterness. The finish was sweet like orange and that transitioned into the alcohol taste that so many Belgium strong beers have.


Overall a pleasant drinking experience, after a 750ml bottle it had left me a bit fuzzy. While it was a good beer, not one I’d drink very often because of two drawbacks. One, the beer was a bit thin. For a bottle re-fermented beer, I was expecting a bit more meat with the complex flavors. And secondly, the alcohol taste started to grate on my taste buds by the end.

Tasting Method: Weizen Glass, 750ml (next time, tulip glass)

My Score: 8.9


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