Lagunitas Brown Shugga Ale

Lagunitas Brown Shugga Ale

Lagunitas Brown Shugga Ale

I’ve had many beers from Lagunitas brewery and they have always been above average beers.  So when I saw this Brown Shugga ale, I had to give it a try.  This beer is classified as an American Strong Ale – high gravity, 1.100 and high alcohol, 9.5%ABV and this little bottle of beer packs a big punch.  It’s kind of funny, you get a big bottle, 750ml and a big beer is what you expect, but when you get a 12oz bottle (not even a long neck bottle) you don’t expect such a big beer.


Give this a nice even pour and you’ll be rewarded with a nice lush head on the beer.


A beautiful ruby red color with a nice amber head, but that head quickly disappeared after several seconds.


This beer had a very malty, sugary sweet smell with a very mild hop presence.


First impressions of the beer is sugary sweet which really sets the tone for the beer.  While the malty sweetness is dominant flavor there are also citrus, grapefruit overtones and nice hop bitterness to round out the beer.


Surprisingly a pretty drinkable beer once you get past the sweetness.  For a beer with a 9.5%ABV, I never did taste that alcohol flavor, but watch out, after a couple it’ll really kick you in the ass.

Tasting Method: 12 oz bottle

My Rating: 86


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One Response to “Lagunitas Brown Shugga Ale”

  1. nate Says:

    I’m glad you pointed this out…I actually enjoy sweet beers. I used to hate them, but my preferences have expanded.

    i have to hand it to Lagunitas for the affordability of their beer. I’ll look for this one this weekend. I’ll look out for the 9.5% ass kicking, too.

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