Homebrewing: Yeast Starters Lesson Learned

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3 Responses

  1. nate says:

    I made the same mistake with a trappist style beer…I re-pitched and saved the batch…turned out delicious!

  2. I hate when my yeast doesn’t do what I want. I’ve been fighting with my Extreme Imperial Stout to keep my yeast moving. I’ve definitely come up with a better way next time. I’ve even made a starter a week out for really big beers. Anyway, learning is the point, so I’m sure it was valuable in that respect.

    • Simply Beer says:

      The Imp. Porter I just brewed, I only made the starter 2 days out. 1st a 800ml starter day1 then day two I doubled it to 1600ml (almost a half gallon. And that beer had been fermenting like a banchie for the last 2 days (i’m 3 days into ferementation). After a couple bad packs of yeast, I now make a starter for everything, the Bigger the estimated beer the higher gravity starter and bigger volume starter I make. This last starter was 1.055 where as most of the time they are around 1.040-2