Finally Bottled the Wit

The one thing I’ve learned over the last decade, the more you brew the more you learn.  It defiantly held true for this Organic Wit, first I had fun with the leaf plugs, and then while in the secondary fermentor I thought I had contaminated the beer.  The leaf plugs had clogged up the drain, so I had to keep unclogging the drain with a small piece of metal. It ended up taking over an hour to transfer the beer from the primary to the 5gal carboy.  So, I was convinced I had ruined the beer, because the next day I saw white spots forming on the surface.  I found a black fleece blanket and wrapped the carboy with it and held my breath that the bacteria (if that is what it was) would go away or at least be held in check.

Yesterday, I was finally able to bottle.  The carboy had been wrapped in the blanket for about 10 days, time to unveil.  I took off the blanket, low and behold, there were no white spots.  There were some bubbles on top, but no SPOTS!!!  I was pretty stoked that it appeared my Wit has been saved.

I resisted temptation to drink this one right away, the aroma was intense – the Coriander , Lemon, Orange.  I have a good feeling about this one, but then again it’s hard to go wrong…


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