New Homebrew Store in North Jersey, Cask & Kettle Homebrew

FInally! A new homebrew store in North Jersey and it is in reasonable distance from my house.  Now I know many of you are not in NJ and don’t care, but for those of you who are in NJ you really should go check out Joe Verzi’s new Homebrew Store, Cask and Kettle.  You can find the store at 904 Main Street in Boonton NJ.

For me there are two things that a Homebrew store must have that I haven’t found at other homebrew shops around me.  First the employees, or at least someone on premise must know how to homebrew and be able to help even the most seasoned homebrewers.  Secondly, the store must have the basics in stock.  What do I mean by basics, base malts, most color malts, DME, a good selection of common yeasts, and chemicals (Starsan, etc).

I was here for the first time a couple weeks ago and this homebrew shop far surpassed my expectations.  Joe, the owner, seemed to have a good knowledge of homebrewing (I was eavesdropping on Joe explaining some stuff to a beginner homebrewer).  After I introduced myself, he began asking me all sorts of questions; What I liked about the store and What I felt was missing. This tells me he cares about his business and wants to make sure he covers the basics but also can cater to the experienced homebrewer.

Overall I was impressed with the store, and will be back for sure!

On a side note, Cask and Kettle will be offering brew on premise some time in the near future.

Joe Verzi, Owner Cask & Kettle

Joe Verzi, Owner Cask & Kettle

Clean Bright Store

Brew on premise


5 Responses to “New Homebrew Store in North Jersey, Cask & Kettle Homebrew”

  1. Erwin21 Says:

    This is a nice Post………

  2. Joe C. Says:

    I too was excited to find this store. I think it is nicely done. I absolutely will be back for my brewing needs. I’d rather support a local store before an online retailer. Joe is very knowledgable. Excellent job!!

  3. Simply Beer Says:

    Same here! great selection, well laid out, and neat and clean.

  4. John Reilly Says:

    My friend and I have already brewed six batches at Cask & Kettle with tremendous success thanks to Joe’s expertise. We’re essentially beginners and Joe took us through the process with patience and humor. I’m looking forward now to my first corny keg batch for the kegerator I built based on the one Joe put together for his store.

  5. Simply Beer Says:

    Great to hear, glad Joe has everything up and running and people like you are have a great experience into the world of homebrewing! Cheers

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