One Step Closer to the Brew Steel Stand

So it has been a couple of weeks since I posted anything about the Brew Steel single tier brew stand I ordered. My last post was when Kurt asked me if I wanted a design change to save some money on the build.  Since then, Kurt got a couple weeks behind on my stand.  But this didn’t bother me.  First because he let me know and apologized for the delay.  Secondly I’d like to think that he’s building it correctly for someone else and then in turn will build mine with the same craftsmanship.  While my stand is not completed yet, Kurt sent me a couple of progress photos of my stand. Here they are:


4 Responses to “One Step Closer to the Brew Steel Stand”

  1. Linus Says:

    Nice to see it progressing. My brewstand is also coming along nice. I just delivered my march pump to have the correct attachment drilled on the stand and it should be ready for paint by the end of the week. I’m hopping it will be ready for my frist brew by the end of the month. Hope yours will get ready soon as well.

  2. Chris Says:

    Looking good…. can’t wait to see it set up!

  3. Simply Beer Says:

    Thanks Chris & Linus. Hope to have it by the middle of march. Fingers crossed!

  4. Threefrenchs Says:

    Great start, looking forward to seeing the final product.

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