It’s the Little Things That Make The Difference

pump-thermometerAbout a year I got my brew stand and have been doing little things here and there to make it work for me, keep in mind everything is manual on it; I don’t have any controls or starters, just manual gauges and 2 pumps.  I’ll eventually get fancy like my buddy Billy over at Homebrew Academy with his recent Brutus build, but for now I there isn’t enough free time to go that route.  However, I can imagine that I have $1500 laying around that I could spend on the Blichmann Tower of Power.

Like any good geek, I was reading the installation guide to figure out how it would integrate into my setup.  The installation looked pretty easy, Blichmann if you need a tester, I’d be happy to lend a helping hand.  I digress… Reading the installation guide, the temperature control plug goes right next to the pump, so the outflow of the mash can be easily monitored.  Why had I never done this?  I had my thermometer though the side of the mush tun and it had been causing me troubles with my mash temp for so long.  What’s even worse, I just dealt with it; not bothering to look up a alternate solution.


Last night before I brewed, I threw some fittings and an extra thermometer together and put it right before the Chugger pump’s intake.  It was so simple, 5 minutes of thread tightening and I had absolutely no problems with temperature on last nights brew!

What are some of your “Why didn’t I think of that moments”?


2 Responses to “It’s the Little Things That Make The Difference”

  1. Michael C. Allen Says:

    is there a reason why you aren’t using some kind of high temp (silicone is best) tubing instead of the tubing I’m seeing here???? That stuff could impart some flavors you don’t want in your beer

  2. simplybeer Says:

    Hi Michael, I’m using Reinforced braided silcone tubing, But, that is a great point you make; if you don’t know where your materials are coming from, what they are made of, or what happens to them at different temperatures you and definitely get some bad flavors going on.

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