3 Months 10 Beers – Patersbier – If He Had the PERFECT Beer Why Didn’t He Share???

My wife and I are on a quest to find her 10 beers over the next 3 months that she can enjoy! But we are now down to about 10 days left in this journey.  We have found very few beers that she has enjoyed. I’m still striking out. Had a couple that were almost there, but didn’t quite cut it. But why do I need to limit this to commercial beers, I think my homebrew is as good as many commercial beer.  So, when Dani stole (yes, literally ran away with my glass) my paterbier, I knew we had found beer #8!

I’m tired, I want to go to bed and Peter wants me to try another beer. Ok, let me get ready for bed and I’ll sit and have one. But then I look and there’s a beer already poured. My first reaction “Wow, that looks like piss.” So Peter says, “No it doesn’t that’s my homebrew.” Ok, so I grab it and try it…his Paterbier — however the hell you spell it. I take the glass, sip it and LOVE IT.

So here’s my question, if he had the PERFECT beer for me (and man is it awesome) why didn’t he share it? Hmm, I started him on this adventure now known as Simply Beer (I gave him is first equipment 14 years ago), I gave him 2 children (yes I take the credit) so why didn’t he just give me his homebrew when we started down this path?!?!

Your guess is as good as mine but now that I know it’s in the house I’m drinking it!

FYI, I took it with me upstairs and I’m keeping it. Some people like warm milk before bed, I like my husband’s beer.

Not sure how many that is but I know we only have until Thursday to get to 10 beers…what’s next?

What can I say I love this beer! This is the second batch I brewed of this very simple Belgian style ale with Sorachi Ace hops. Is really light, refreshing with a hint of lemon.

Hopefully one day soon I can share it with many of you. Oh wait, it will! :-) Since this Beer (the first version) won Best in Show at New Jersey State Fair, it will be on tap at Krogh’s Brew Pub in Sparta, NJ in the Spring.


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7 Responses to “3 Months 10 Beers – Patersbier – If He Had the PERFECT Beer Why Didn’t He Share???”

  1. Rick Z Says:

    recipe, please

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  3. Vanessa Says:

    That made me laugh so hard! ;) Silly man, success was under your nose the whole time!

    Congratulations on making it to 8!

  4. Simply Beer Says:

    Rick, I linked to it in the intro, but here it is again: http://www.simplybeer.com/blog/2010/06/03/homebrewing-recipe-patersbier/

    Enjoy it, it is super simple, yet a fantastic beer!

    Thanks Vanessa. Feel like an idiot for not trying it sooner, but I just put into my Kegorator last Friday. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! :-)

  5. Nate Says:

    I’ve been off the web for a while, but glad I stopped back. THis series to find brews your wife enjoys is a great idea, and really enjoyable to read. I actually lol-ed reading your wife’s tidbit on here.

    The paterbier sounds really good. I like the idea of using sorachi hops. I think I’ll try and make a batch in the spring when the temperature warms up.

    My wife loves beer…actually she’s a hop head. She goes nuts over hopslam. Due to the calories, she really limits her beer intake though.

    Again, great read…one of the best beer blog posts i’ve read in along time.

  6. John Hoyos Says:

    I haven’t tried your Patersbier yet, Pete, but I’d be willing to bet Dani would like one of the following:
    Houblon Chouffe (actually – I think she liked this when I poured it for her at the Oktoberfest)
    Witkap Singel
    Schelde Hop Ruiter
    Piccolo Seson(ette)
    or something along those lines. Light, frothy, a hint of Belgian yeast and a hop profile that’s present but not too aggressive.

  7. Simply Beer Says:

    Sounds like some good suggestions John, only have a couple days left… :-)

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