Captain Lawrence Smoke from the Oak, Apple Brandy

If any of you have add Captain Lawrence’s Golden Delicious you know how good an ale soaked in these Apple Brandy Barrels.  So of the Smoke from the Oak Series, their Apple Brandy version is the one I’m looking forward to the most!  It even sounds cool, Apple Brandy Barrels and this is Scott Vaccaro’s decided to use Apple Brandy Barrels, “I have to tell you, it is getting harder and harder to find new and exciting barrels to age our Smoked Porter in.  This one was simply dumb luck smacking me in the face as I perused the shelves at my local liquor store.  Apple Brandy has been produced in this country for centuries, so why not age our full bodied Smoked Porter in freshly emptied barrels from one of America’s oldest distilleries.”

What a fabulous beer.  After a couple of sips, I was enjoying this so much that I forgot to start writing this.  I guess that in of itself is a mark of a great beer.  The smooth, long smokey sips are just right. The oaky acidic finish is the perfect answer for the smooth smokey porter.

Thats it? Really, that is my opinion on this beer.  It’s funny, I really wanted to write about this beer because I loved Golden Delicious, the Smoked Porter base beer is friggin’ awesome, and I was excited to drinking it.  But, here I am 120 words in and I’ve already finished the 750 ml bottle.  Opps.  :-)  The simple fact, if you can get ahold of a bottle of Smoke from the Oak, Apple Brandy, you’ll be happy.  In Fact I need more, so please send some my way!


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