Brewery Ommegang Porter (Sorta)

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8 Responses

  1. Dan Murphy says:

    My wife and were the only two people on the Ommegang tour on a snowy January day as they were bottling this porter and I’ve been dying to know how it tastes ever since. Thanks for the great review!

  2. Crazy how that beer was brewed in the future! It says it was brewed December 21, 2010 and its only December 11, 2010!

    J/K – I think its cool you get to try these test-beers, even if they are from the future!

  3. Okay. The secret is out. We ship all our beer by Bizzarro Airlines. It leaves on any Monday and arrives up to 88 previous Fridays ago.

  4. The Beer Buyer says:

    I have a bottle (#31/101) sitting on my shelf waiting for the right occasion. I was instructed by the brewer to serve it with a rich chocolate cake — so after your description, it seems its time to bake that cake!