Russian River Blind Pig

Of Course Russian River does not distribute in New Jersey, bummer!  So in order to get the Russian River Blind Pig IPA, I was fortunate to have a fellow beer connoisseur in California who couldn’t get Allagash Beer.  So I sent him some Allagash Beer and he sent me some Russian River and New Belgium Beers.  This review is a result of beer lovers working together to help one another enjoy, taste, and appreciate beer from other regions of the country.russianriver_blindpig2


The Blind Pig pours a hazy golden orange color with a pretty dense creamy head.   There is a bit of carbonation bubbles rising from the bottom of the glass, but the hazy nature of the beer obscures most of the bubbles.  There is quite a bit of lacing going on as the head subsides from the original poor.


I was expecting a fairly strong aroma, after having Pliny the Elder a couple months back .  I found quite the opposite, a very mild pine aroma with a hint of cotton candy in the background.  I’ve been drinking a lot of hop monsters of late; this is a nice kick back to more of a “traditional” American IPA.

Russian River Blind Pig

Russian River Blind Pig


The taste follows suit with the aroma.  It not over done, but done enough so that you can tell what your drinking.   Right off the bat, this beer has a significant malt backbone, giving the beer a good thick mouthfeel without getting very sweet.  The maltiness gives way to an ever-present building of bitterness.  There is a good balance of sweetness and citrus on the back end that keeps the growing bitterness in check.  It ends with a nice dryness making me want another sip.

Overall Impression:

I’m enjoying the simply complex nature of this beer.  Without going overboard on the hops, but still having an abundance, you are able to enjoy many different flavors.  I would have enjoyed a bit more on the aroma, but it works with the flavors.  Two things I really enjoyed about this beer.  1, the bitterness was strong but held in check so you don’t start to get a burnt flavor that I’ve been experiencing with a lot of heavily hopped beers.  2, the dry finish along with the bitterness that didn’t compound its self after each sip made this a very enjoyable IPA.

Glassware: Tulip

Calories: With an Original Gravity of 1.060 and a ABV of 6% means this beer finished with a Final Gravity of around 1.014 giving you about 205 Calories per 12oz serving

Simply Beer Rating: 91, If you find it give it a try!


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2 Responses to “Russian River Blind Pig”

  1. JT Says:

    The Russian River Beers are all about fresh beer. I am pouring a Blind Pig right now and there is a vibrant hop aroma. Maybe yours had aged too long otherwise I agree with your review. I like the dryness without the strong astringency that this beer carries, really letting the hops work.

    I also enjoy it poured in a .5L bullet glass. The Spaten rastal glass is my favorite version of this type.

  2. Simply Beer Says:

    @JT – Unfortunately getting a hold of Russian River beers is not an easy task for me since they don’t distribute to NJ, So trying another Blind Pig would be a bit difficult. I believe the beer I had was 5-6 months old, so it probably did loose some aroma but I wouldn’t think it would be that significant.

    I still have a Pliny the Elder to drink which was bottled in May, hopefully I’ll get to it soon….

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