So little time, So many Beers

Unfortunately I have been so busy over the last several weeks that I’ve had no time to do anything but my day job… ugh!  No time for my kegorator project, that will have to wait for the weekend ;-) . I have all these beers to drink and tell you about, Founders Dry Hopped Pale Ale, Hedonism Red Ale, Elysian Dragonstooth Stout, Elysian Immortal IPA, Elysian the Wise ESB, Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye, Old Dubah Special 12yr and 30yr, Scaldis Prestige, and a couple Rogue Imperial Beers.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to keep brewing.  Have a couple recipes to post, Noble Trappist Ale and Lawnmower de Saison.  Not to mention a couple of very successful batches, the Dubbel and the Witt.  I also finally bottle my Barley wine which had been fermenting since April and my experimental Bourbon cask ale.  The Bourbon Cask ale should be drinkable in April or so, the Barley Wine maybe next October (such a long wait!)


I’ve also been tinkering with what I think are some pretty cool food recipes that use beer.


So lots to come in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned.


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