Basil T’s – Red Bank NJ

Today I met a fellow home brewer, Pete, down in Red Bank NJ at a local Brew pub that he said I had to try, Basil T’s. How could I possibly turn that down, you don’t have to twist my arm to go to a brew pub. It pretty evident this pub has been around for awhile, it has a loyal following by the hundreds of personal mugs hanging from the ceiling.

Basil T's Frementers

Basil T's Frementers

The pub has a good size bar with an inspirational view of 4 217 gallon fermenters. It made me long for a brew pub of my own :-) …. I digress.  While I was there, I had the opportunity to talk to the head brewmaster, Gretchen Schmidhausler. She too was a home brewer before making the transition to professional Brewer. She was very knowledgeable and I enjoyed picking her brain about some of the beer and NJ’s interesting Liquor license laws.

On to the beer, I started out with 2 samplers. The first was an Apple Spice Wheat Ale. An interesting beer – light, hit of apple, with a slight lemon finish. I liked the flavor of the beer, could see my self drinking that with turkey day dinner. The other sampler I had was the porter. A classical porter had a nice malty coffee taste, really good. With my burger, I had Rosie’s Tale Waggin Pale Ale, once again a very good beer. If you like the dry, crisp, hoppiness of a Pale Ale, you’ll love this one. It was a pretty beer, clear and bright with the flavor to match.

I was stoked to try the Award winning stout, but unfortunately it was still in the fermentor. Guess I now have something to look forward to next time I go down. Basil T’s was well worth the trip for some great beer.


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