Zywiec Porter

I think this is my first Polish beer, Zywiec Porter.  I was surprised to find that Zywiec is owned by Heineken, but I won’t hold that against the beer.  Porters are one of my favorite styles of beer.  I generally enjoy them and I was looking forward to trying a new brand.

Zywiec Porter

Zywiec Porter


This beer needs a good hard pour to get any significant head.


Started with a nice chestnut head the quickly dissipated to an insignificant ring. The beer was very dark in appearance with a slight reddish hue.


Very strong caramel sweetness and alcohol aroma with a bit of licorice.


Rich lush caramel sweetness.  Slight zing on the sides of the mouth, long lasting alcohol warmth in the back of the throat balanced with some nice hop bitterness.


Extremely nice Baltic porter.  I really enjoyed this beer.  The 9.5% abv was very evident, but didn’t detract from the beer in any way. If you like porters, this is a definite purchase.

Tasting Method: Pint Bottle (500ml)

My Score: 9.0


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