Troegenator Doublebock

Lately I’ve been on a Doublebock kick.  I don’t know why, but I’m really enjoying this style of beer.  So, last week in my local beer store I saw the Troegs Doublebock, I had to give it a try especially since I’ve liked most of the beers from Troegs I’ve had.

Troegenator Doublebock

Troegenator Doublebock


Give this beer a gentle pour, easing into a heavy pour to give a nice thick head.


A clear mahogany color awaits you with a thin residual head.  Looked fairly carbonated with a nice steady stream of bubbles.


Sweet and fruity with a  bit of fig.  Had a hard time with this beer picking out the aromas, nothing was very dominating.


A touch of caramel sweetness paired with a bit of fig, finishing with a big malty presence. I liked the fizz and the warmth of the beer as it went down.


Nice and smooth, the 8.2% abv was well balanced with the malt, but still present.  I found this to be a good example of the style.

Tasting Method: 22oz Bottle

My Rating: 8.9


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