HOBGOBLIN by Wychwood Brewery

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1 Response

  1. Daddy-O says:

    Drank this for the first time last night. I got to admit I’m a sucker for a beer with a cool name. I think that is why I bought it originally, I liked the name Hobgoblin.

    After I poured this beer it had a really beautiful dark red color. Not much in the way of aroma, mostly malty/bready. After reading the above post, i was really looking forward to experiencing this brew, bananna – had to taste for myself 🙂 . Unfortunately, I was not overly impressed by this beer, with a cool name you really need to impress with the product. The beer had sweet initial taste of toffee and banana bread and finished with a fairly bitter aftertaste. The neck of the bottle said a good balance of chocolate toffee malt flavor with mild bitterness. I couldn’t taste any chocolate notes and for the style of beer it was a bit more then mildly bitter.

    Tasting method: Mug poured from pint bottle
    Score: 8.3