Elysian The Immortal IPA

Elysian The immortal IPA

Elysian The immortal IPA

The first this I have to say about this beer is Quality Control, Folks!  I drank 3-22oz and basically had 2 different beers.  The first and third beers were obscenely over carbonated. I must have been drinking foam for a good 5 minutes to keep it from spilling all over my desk. It was like a loaf of bread the head just keep rising and rising. At first I figured it was just a bad pour on my part. So, the second glass I was very careful and delicate with my pour, but it was the beer. I had to leave about an inch of bear in the bottom, because there was so much sediment. My guess is this beer was bottled before it was fully fermented. I’m writing this as I’m finishing the last of the 3 bottles and it is almost comical, as I take a sip and put the glass down it is like a snow globe of sediment swirling around the glass.

The beer, with the head aside, the aroma is not what I would expect from an IPA. There is a good hop presence, but it struggles to be the dominate scent. It was a bready/hoppy aroma, sweet and flowery. The flavor is that of an average IPA, strong hop, slightly creamy, with a hit of caramel. It is also very bitter, lingering bitter.

Tasting method: 22 oz bottle

My Score: 8.0


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