Keg Sealing

I don’t know what it is, it seems that about 30% of the kegs I fill (the first time); I put the lid on wrong because I have no internal pressure.  I know I’m not the only one; these corny keg lids can be temperamental. Even with new large o-rings, I find that if you don’t have the lid on absolutely perfectly at the correct angle you don’t get a seal and thus co2 can escape as the

marking teh top and lid

marking the top and lid

beer is conditioning in the keg.  So to help alleviate this problem, I’ve started to mark my kegs where the lid needs to line up to create the seal.


Here’s how I do it. I pressurize my tank while it is filled with water or cleaning solution the first time and then when there is no water spittering or air hissing out, I make a straight line across the top and lip of the corny onto the lid. So going forward I can get the lid on correctly.  I also number each of my kegs, so I know which lid goes with each keg.  They all seem to fit slightly differently.


Any one else have any tips for this problem?


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