Ommegang Hennepin

This is the second time I’ve had this beer, the first time was at a bar called The Office in Montclair NJ.  That night I was not able to take any notes about the beer, but I wanted to try it again.   A week or so ago I saw the beer in a liquor store so I bought it.

Before I get into the beer, I love corked beers and frankly there are not a lot of American Breweries that do, but Ommegang corks

Ommegang Hennepin

Ommegang Hennepin

most of their big beers in the 750ml bottle.  There is just something special about uncorking a highly pressured bottle; that big pop as you twist out the cork, I love it!


As with most Saisons / Farmhouse ales they are highly carbonated resulting in a huge head.  This beer was no different, so a nice gentle pour at a very generous angle will produce a superb head.


The beer had a milky white thick head, clear straw color with a torrent of bubbles.  Great lacing from the huge head.


A strong combination of fruit, spice, and malt aroma.  There are some very nice undertones of lemon and hops that add complexity to the aroma.


This is a great example of a Saison, similar to Saison duPont.  This beer had a nice mild lemon fruitiness with a long lasting spicy finish.  For such a “thin” looking beer, I was pleased to taste such depth and flavor.


This was a superb beer.  At 7.7% abv it was a none factor, after the 750ml bottle I didn’t feel it or taste it.  I really enjoyed this; I think it would have been even better on a hot day!

Tasting Method: 750ml Bottle

My Rating: 9.6


3 Responses to “Ommegang Hennepin”

  1. johnandlisa Says:

    Got to visit Ommegang up in Cooperstown last March. They’re doing wonderful work up there. Big fan of the cavern-aged Three Philosophers brew. – John

  2. Simplybeer Says:

    Sounds great John. The 3 philosophers is one hell of a beer, I like it in moderation. There are so many great Breweries emerging in PA, Ommegang, Victory, Troegs…

  3. Fessor Frink Says:

    Big fan of all Ommegang brews. Thanks for the great review on the Hennepin ale. Saison DuPont is also very good. Elkton, MD has a good liquor store with themed beer tastings about every month. They will have Belgian nights 2-3 times a year. I always loved the Ommegang line. Will be having it at the AC Beerfest Saturday, though not in the proper glass.

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