Beer Brawl 2 – Stout

Another Thursday night another couple of beers to sample.  This week the Ale-holes review 4 Stouts.  On Tuesday when we decided the style of beer, we didn’t realize how difficult it would be to simply find a Stout.  There are so many different styles of stout, coffee, chocolate, double, Russian, and imperial, stores tend to only carry a limited array of stouts that cover this spectrum.  Also, as a SimplyBeer first, we have created a Pod Cast of our rants, ramblings, criticism and compliments.

Beer Brawl 2 - Stout

Beer Brawl 2 - Stout

Tonight’s selections are

  • Left Hand Milk Stout
  • Rogue Shakespeare Stout
  • Green Forest Double Stout
  • Moylans Imperial Russian Stout

We first started off with Left Hand Milk Stout, it was unfortunately not a great beer, expensive, and took a good brunt of out Jokes.  By the way, a Milk stout usually has lactose added to add a bit of sweetness, unfermentable sugar.  The

The Ale-holes!

The Ale-holes!

Rogue Shakespeare Stout was next on the chopping block.  It started off great, nice pour, could smell the aroma of the hops.  But, it really had an overwhelming bitterness which brought down the overall impression of the beer.  Next up was the Green Forest Double Stout, nice pour, good color. A nice chocolaty flavor that was well.  Finally, The Moylans Imperial Stout, the beer with the most accolades on a label I’ve ever seen… trying to justify???  Good Stout, nice bitterness for the style, not as well balanced  as the Green Forest.

And The winner for Beer Brawl 2 is…

Download the Pod Cast and find out.

We’ll be off next week, but back in two weeks With a special challenge, a Blind witbier challenge.  4 commercial beers plus my home brew.  See how the beers stack up!


One Response to “Beer Brawl 2 – Stout”

  1. JT Says:

    Great work guys but maybe a little less background noise/distractions? If it was me, I would stray away from mocking the beers too. Otherwise the beer related banter is a good listen.

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