BullFrog Brewery, Williamsport, PA

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2 Responses

  1. Fessor Frink says:

    If anyone wants to go to a great beer bar and is close to Maryland, please go to Max’s Taphouse. They sell hundreds of beers in bottles and several dozen on tap. You can order off a menu like a take-out chinese restaurant. Each beer on tap will tell you both the style of beer and the ABV %. They are located at the edge of the Fells Point part of the Harbor in B’more. A link to their website appears below. I have no stake in their success, I’m just a fan.


    If you go you will enjoy. Very casual place. Plenty of bars in area if you like to pub crawl.

  2. pculos says:

    I’ll have to second that! Max’s has a great selection and, more importantly, a very knowledgable staff. After my first beer there and a brief chat, I had the bartender pick beers for me and he was right on the money. You don’t find that often!