Schloss Eggenberg Doppelbock Dunkel

After the Aventinus Wheat-doppelbock from last week, i was really looking forward to this beer.  But as we all know, not every beer is created equal and unfortunately this beer was not all that it could have been.

Eggenberg Doppelbock

Eggenberg Doppelbock


Give this beer a good hard pour to get an sort of head, which then quickly dissipated.


A very nice dark mahogany/chestnut.  Lots of carbonation, but almost zero head.


An extremely sweet toffee, slightly chocolately smell.


A lush malty sweet, cherry chocolate flavor.  A fizzy, very thin beer with a touch of hoppy bitterness in the finish.


I liked the flavors of the beer and the 8.5% abv never played into the beer, but overall was a  huge disappointment.  Practically flat after 10 minutes in the glass, no head, and nothing the stood out with any of the above characteristics.

Tasting method: 11.2 oz bottle

My rating: 7.5


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