Beer Store: Liquor Outlet Wine Cellar – Boonton NJ

I really came into craft beer drink in the late 90′s when the “thing” in the San Francisco area was the “Wall of Beer”. Every beer store worth its weight had a wall full of single bottles, 12oz, 500ml, 22oz, 750ml.  You could mix and match, it was nice to always come home with a new beer.  I got that same “kid in a candy store” feeling when I saw the wall of beer at the Liquor Outlet.

Liquor Outlet Wine Cellars

Liquor Outlet Wine Cellars

The wall, 6 shelves high about 40 feet long, with  most of the bottles are nicely labeled.  Each label has the appropriate service glass, the color of the beer, the ibu’s, the abv, style of beer and the name and brewery.  Really nice signage with out “promoting” a particular beer.

I got a chance to talk to the man, Kevin, who does all the buying, and I was thrilled to hear there are beers he turns away for the “wall”.  He samples most of the beer that goes up, such hard work and dedication that I can really appreciate.  He was also extremely knowledge about the beer in the store, look at this picture, there are a lot.  There claim is 700+ beers, I believe it, with talk of expanding by another couple hundred!

I bought for the Beer Cellar:

  • Avery Hog Heaven Barley wine
  • Avery Mephistopheles Stout (batch 4)
  • Belhaven Scottish Ale
  • Belhaven Wee Heavy
  • Bruery Saison Rue
  • Dogfish Head Immort Ale
  • Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter
  • Jolly Pumpkin Farmhouse Ale
  • J.W.Lees Harvest (Lagavulin Wiskey Cask 2007)
  • Long Trail Double IPA
  • Traquiar House Ale (Wee Heavy)
  • Victory Hop Wallop

If you are ever in Booton NJ, why I don’t know, but if you find yourself on 287 in Nj take exit 44 to the Liquor Outlet, you won’t regret it.

Liquor Outlet Wine Cellars
(866) 454-7688
289 Myrtle Avenue
Boonton, NJ, 07005


2 Responses to “Beer Store: Liquor Outlet Wine Cellar – Boonton NJ”

  1. AjaxBleach Says:

    I went there for the first time last Saturday. I was definitely impressed by the selection and the prices ($7.45 for a six pack of Sierra Nevada Torpedo, a dollar cheaper than my usual go to place). A wall of beer so vast I was paralyzed by the choices. I saw a guy with his girlfriend/wife clear the place of its Old Rasputin XII anniversary stout. She wasn’t too pleased when she learned each bottle cost $19. Definitely a funny moment.

  2. Beer Brewing Equipment Says:

    That is awesome would love to see a beer wall in my local liquor store.

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