Quick Visit to the Peculier Pub – NYC

On a recent trek in to the city (New York City, for those out side the tri-state area), I had an hour to kill before my interview with Rob Tod of Allagash Brewing Company.  Since I was down by Bleeker Street and the Blind Tiger was a bit  further then I wanted to walk on a hot day, I decide to hit a bar I haven’t been to in 15 years.    The Peculiar Pub is old school pub, quiet, dark, with a nice selection of  bottled beer and about 14 draft beers.  You’re not going to go wrong here, enough selection of imported beer to keep most happy for a session.peculiarpub_bar

This pub has a lot of what many places lack, character!  Starting with the low tin ceilings,  I’d be shocked if they were more than 7 feet high.  The next thing you’ll notice, every table, seat and the bar in this joint has been carved up.  Thousands of names and initials have been carved over the years into the pub.


If you get to this bar, check out the art work on the wall and all around, you notice they are all mosaics made with plaster and bottle caps.  Very Cool!


While I was there I had Kasteel Rouge out of a 330ml bottle.  There is a good selection of bottled beer, all organized by country and it isn’t dominated by one particular country.  I would guesstimate there was 150 or so different bottled beers.

One note, avoid the bathroom at all costs, unless you can hold your breath for extended periods of time…

If you find yourself on Bleecker Street, check out the Peculier Pub.

Peculier Pub
145 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012
Tel: 212-353-1327


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2 Responses to “Quick Visit to the Peculier Pub – NYC”

  1. John Says:

    Probably my favorite bar, period. Loved to go there with a bunch of people and just try anything and everything on the beer list.

  2. Chris Says:

    Nice write-up. I’ve visited this bar several times, and even wrote about it here: http://52brews.com/blog/2009/2/28/nyc-bar-crawl-the-tale-of-two-sours.html

    Couldn’t agree more about the bathroom, it’s a nightmare. And actually I would think that they’re stocked with even more than 150 bottles, the list seems to go on forever. Beers from all over the world are on the menu; and while unfortunately there are a lot of macros on there, a beer geek will always find something good. Great burgers too, by the way!

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