3 months 10 beers – Attempt #5 – Mikkeller Funk (e)star

My wife and I are on a quest to find her 10 beers over the next 3 months that she can enjoy! We have found very few beers that she has enjoyed. After a couple days off from this challenge I thought I would go with a brewer that doesn’t let me down, Mikkeller. the other night I had the single yeast Brettanomyces beer and it was awesome, full of funk and flavor.  So, I thought I would give Dani a taste of some funky Wild Ale…

Soooo what I can I say about this beer? At first tasted I described it to Peter the way I used to always describe beer…EAR WAX. It was just bitter and nasty and if you say you don’t know what ear wax tastes like you are either lying or you didn’t have much of a childhood (I triple dog dare you!). That being said, like most things annoying and intriguing the beer grew on me just enough to tolerate it. Would I actively ask for a beer, probably not but if it was this or a Corona I’d choose this.

Bummer, who let the funk out! Seriously for a beer fermented with brett, with funky on the label, and made by Mikkeller; I was disappointed. But I wasn’t the only one. Dani gave this one it’s fair shake. At least she was not recoiling from the aroma, at the same time I didn’t have my nose buried in the beer absorbing as much “wild ale” as possible. Not that it was a bad beer, it just didn’t live up to the label or name in my opinion.

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